EMMA logoWe developed our e-Portfolio application called EMMA in 2013 with Elklan Training.  They were keen to offer this to their learners and were frustrated by the choice of tools available on the marketplace. Many of which were were too complex and not designed for the UK market.  

We worked with Elklan Training to develop an e-Portfolio, from the ground up, that meets the needs of UK learners and is; easy to use and in step with UK funded learning and accreditation institutions.  Since launch over 95% of their learners have chosen to use EMMA rather than a paper based route and the feedback is very positive.

We believe that it will rapidly transform the way that students, tutors and verifiers interact seamlessly with funded learning accreditations.


[January 2016]  We are delighted to announce that Ascentis Awarding Organisation and Access Validating Agency have been so impressed by our e-Portfolio application that we have recently been become their preferred supplier.