Our Customised Learning Management System 

Example: Thomas Telford NEC Contract

We are proud to be the preferred supplier for  Learning Management System for Thomas Telford NEC Contract - the training arm of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).  They use our Learning Management System to host e-Learning content to students worldwide.  They sell one off courses, team licenses and enterprise version of their site to their clients.

You will notice that the solution we developed matches their brand design, look and feel.  By design, the interface looks simple but under the bonnet there is a powerful set of reports and functionality. 

We can create a fully customised Learning Management System for your employees, customers or supply chain in a few weeks and for a price that you will find hard to match.  Unlike many suppliers who re-sell a rebadged version of someone else’s systems; our system is built by us from the ground up.  What’s more you only pay for what you need rather than a system full of functionality that clutters up your users experience. 

You can take a look at the NEC Contract demo site by clicking here.  

Username: atest@necelearning.com
Password: abc123